The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) and Preliminary Design Study to identify possible interim improvements as well as an ultimate improvement strategy for the section of the Highway 11 corridor from 1.0 km south of Simcoe Road 169 northerly approximately 20 km to Muskoka Road 169. This study will follow the approved planning process for a Group 'A' project under the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities.

This Highway 11 Class EA and Preliminary Design Study has been initiated by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) in response to the recommendations of the Highway 11 Study Design - Barrie to Gravenhurst, which was completed in March 2005. As part of that study, the Project Team considered improvements to the existing Highway 11 corridor via a combination of widening, twinning and/or provision of local bypasses, as well as the construction of a new highway corridor somewhere between Highway 11 and Highway 400, north of Barrie. These alternatives were considered at a very broad conceptual level.

In 2005, the Highway 11 Study produced a Study Design Report that recommended the initiation of a Class Environmental Assessment Study for the widening / upgrading of the existing Highway 11 corridor from Barrie to Gravenhurst. A new highway corridor was not recommended due to potentially significant impacts to the natural environment, high costs, and because the Highway 11 corridor would still require improvements within the 30 year planning horizon.

This study builds upon the findings of the 2005 study, and is focused on the northerly portion of the previous study area. The ultimate vision for this section of Highway 11 is a controlled access freeway, which will limit all vehicle access to the highway to interchange locations only. Closure of at-grade intersections and entrances, improvements to existing interchanges, and the possible introduction of new interchanges as well as service road connections to provide alternative access for residences and businesses fronting on to Highway 11 will be examined as part of this study.

The purpose of this website is to provide interested parties with access to information and access to the Project Team that is carrying out the EA and Preliminary Design Study.

We encourage you to review the contents of this website and provide us with your feedback. Details on public consultation activities to be undertaken in preparation of the Highway 11 Class EA and Preliminary Design Study will be included in the Consultation section of this website. For more information regarding previous studies, visit our Study Background section.

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A Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) was prepared for this study which provides information on the process that was followed leading to the selection of the Recommended Plan, the environmental effects and proposed mitigation measures, as well as the technical findings of the study. The 60-day TESR review period ended on September 17, 2012, but the document can still be downloaded for reference from the Reports page.

Highway 11 will be upgraded to a fully Controlled Access Freeway, where access to Highway 11 will be provided at interchanges only. The Recommended Plan includes widening Highway 11 to six-lanes, removing direct access to the highway at current intersections and entrances, upgrading the existing interchanges, and providing access to the interchanges through a continuous service road network. Additional details of the Recommended Plan are provided in the "Notice of Study Completion".

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Last Updated on October 3, 2012